Why Buy Gold?

In today's crazy world purchasing some Gold is on the minds of many.

So the question becomes, Why buy gold?

Here is where you will find the answers, including one that may be very alarming!

Gold is Forever

One truth about gold is that throughout history it has always remained constant. It has never dropped to zero in value like paper or fiat currencies have. In fact, the more that major currencies lose their value the better gold performs.

Intrinsic Value

Gold has an intrinsic, or real, value. This means that it has the same value ounce for ounce no matter where you go in the world. If you own it, you can trade it for anything of equal value, including other gold.

Independent Asset

Gold is considered an asset class of its own. This characteristic prevents it from being subject to economic problems, such as inflation and deflation, that are common in countries that use paper currency.

Because it can not be inflated or deflated, its actually used as a hedge against these economic conditions.

Gold is Wealth

The correlation between gold and wealth is another reason why people acquire it. It can be considered a preserver of wealth as well as a producer of wealth.

The new Golden Rule -
“He Who Has The Gold Rules”

Why Buy Gold Today?

Today's financial climate has gold prices soaring. People are buying it for financial security. The reason is to protect their assets against the following three possible events...

1. The biggest being the demise of the U.S. Dollar. The more money the government prints the lower its value and the less purchasing power it has. Some predict an actual devaluation may even occur and they may be right!

If a devaluation occurs, there could be a major transfer of wealth toward those who own gold.

We've created an 8 page report, titled "Greenbacks & Gold Bars", which outlines this crisis that is already unfolding today.

WARNING: This report outlines an imminent financial crisis that will transform the United States monetary system as we know it today. It will affect everyone regardless of their financial level. Some of the information contained in this report will be alarming and unbelievable. If you become terrified or frightened easily over loss of money or wealth you may want to choose not to read this report.

Go here for the 8 page PDF report titled, "Greenbacks & Gold Bars."

2. Another disaster about to happen is a major stock market crash. Take a look at the Dow vs Gold Price Ratio.

3. A bond market meltdown is a strong possibility. Other countries, including China the biggest purchaser of treasury bonds, are backing away from them. As this increases there is a higher probability of a bond market crash occurring.

stock market crash

Do yourself a big favor, don't wait for the financial lines to fall off the chart like the one above.

You have reviewed the many reasons explaining why buy gold, the next step is to learn HOW TO BUY GOLD!

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