Where To Sell Gold

For The Most Money

Where to sell gold you currently own depends largely on the type you are selling, how quick you want to sell, and the amount you wish to receive.

No matter what type of gold you are selling, the end user will always pay the most. By end user, we mean the buyer who is not in the business of reselling it for a profit.

A good example would be a car. If you sell to the person who is going to drive it, you would get far more than if you sold to a car dealer who plans to resell it for a profit.

The same goes for gold. If you are selling bullion you would want to contact an investor. If it's jewelry, the person that will be buying it to wear will surely pay more than someone who is reselling it to profit from the gold content.

But regardless of what you are selling, finding the end user takes time.

If time isn't a problem you may want to try some of the online classified advertising sites such as Oodle, Ebay Classifieds, or Craigslist.

If you are ready to sell now, we can help. Gold Beginners offers several platforms designed to speed up the process of selling, by connecting the seller of any form of gold with buyers who are looking for it.

For Sellers Of Bullion

For investment type gold such as bullion bars and coins, or rare coins, a good place to start is by listing it for sale on advertising platforms such as the one right here at Gold Beginners.

Every day there are Investors that view the ads on that venue. If you are asking a fair price it's likely you would sell rather fast.

For Sellers Of Jewelry

In order to get the most money for jewelry, you should sell to a private person who is buying for personal use. If you have already exhausted that method, the next best way is to sell to an investor in gold.

Go here to learn more about selling gold jewelry!

For sellers of scrap gold visit the link about

selling scrap gold.

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