Gold & Wealth Preservation

Investing in gold is an excellent means of wealth preservation.

Unlike fiat currency, which is money created and controlled by a particular government, gold can not be controlled by anyone. It is no one's liability and can not be inflated.

Based on historical data most fiat currencies have eventually become worthless. Gold, on the other hand, has never dropped to zero value. Thus, it has never became worthless. In fact, in the long term, gold has performed well and consistently increased in value.

Gold is considered an asset class of its own which prevents it from being subject to economic problems of any one particular country. Although problems with some countries currencies, such as the U.S. Dollar, sometimes have an inverse affect on the price of gold due to safe haven investing.

For over 5000 years gold has been the standard of value. There is no reason to expect anything different over the next 5000 years.

If you are looking for a means of wealth preservation, physical gold is your best choice!

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