Wealth Creation With Gold

Whether you are buying it as a long term investment or for short term profits there are several ways to achieve your ultimate goal of creating wealth with gold.

If you are an investor, holding for the long term is one way. Gold has an excellent track record of increasing in value over the years.

In fact, if you purchased it in 1970 when it was only $35/oz your investment would be worth 40 times more at today's price. Even if you purchased it as recent as 2002 you would have quadrupled your investment and 2005 tripled it.

Another means of creating wealth with gold is profit taking.

Buying when there is a dip in price and reselling when it rises is a way that is used quite frequently by profit takers.

There is money to be made with this method but you have to be extremely knowledgeable of the events that directly affect the price of gold.

A rather unconventional, but very profitable, way to build wealth with gold is to buy scrap gold.

There is an excellent e-book available that teaches everything you need to know about buying used or scrap gold. I suggest you grab a copy of "How To Buy Gold Low" today.

If you are looking to add to your net worth, consider these methods as an excellent means of wealth creation.

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