How To Get The Most Money
When Selling Gold Jewelry

If you've ever tried selling gold jewelry that you no longer want or need, you may have gotten the shock of your life!

Important! Before you attempt to part with your valuables, read this shocking mini-report, the Markup - Letdown.

After reading the previous report, The Markup - Letdown, you can see why buying jewelry at full retail is a bad financial move, and one that is almost impossible to recover from.

So, how can you recover?

Here are some ideas...

The only way to get more than the gold content value is to sell to a private individual who is buying it for personal use.

There are several ways to accomplish this, but it may take time to get it sold.

One way is to advertise you gold jewelry in the classified section of a newspaper. The down side to that method is it costs money to place the ad, unless you use the weekly pennysavers or shoppers guides that sometimes offer free ads.

You could try one of the many free advertising venues such as Craigslist, Oodle, ebay classifieds or Facebook ads.

Craigslist is probably the best of the freebies because it attracts buyers from your local area, which makes it easier to transact business.

If you don't have the time to wait for a sale you could go to a Pawn or Coin Shop. They generally pay about 50% to 60% of scrap value.

Some of these types of buyers do pay better if the item is in good condition. The reason being, they also have somewhat of a retail trade and will refurbish the jewelry to resell it.

Then, of course there are the cash for gold buyers.

If you choose that option you should be prepared for about a 10% to 50% offer. This way of selling is really not the best choice.

Another way is to sell to a jewelry store, but this is really not a very good option either.

They will usually try to talk you into trading for something more expensive. You'll most likely hear a line like this, "we'll give you full value for your jewelry if you trade it in."

The problem with that scenario is, you're just getting in deeper!

If you do visit a Jewelry store that buys, be sure to find one that offers to buy it outright for cash.

Getting The Most Money

The best way for selling gold jewelry is to someone who wants the gold for investment purposes.

It's a fact that when you are selling jewelry, or anything else that is gold, investors will beat any other offer!

Gold Beginners offers a list of these types of buyers by geographical area.

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