Sell Scrap Gold For The Highest Price

Selling scrap jewelry for the highest price can be a challenge.

For the individual who has unwanted gold jewelry, or any other type of gold scrap, receiving a fair price for their goods is the main goal.

Trying to sort through the hoopla can be a cumbersome task. Every last buyer tells you that they pay the highest price, when you know better.

Sell To Gold Buyers

There are several types of gold buyers to choose from.

The price they pay depends on what they plan to do with the gold they buy. Some buy for melt value and resell for a profit, while others buy for investment purposes.

Naturally, the buyer who has to make a resale profit would pay less than the investor who holds on to the gold..

Before you close the deal be sure to do your homework by asking them directly, "What do you do with the gold you buy?"

The best option is finding a buyer in your area, who pays a fair price. That's not always an easy task, but it can be done right here at Gold Beginners by viewing our local buyer listings.

These buyers are listed by geographical location. Every buyer who is listed there will pay a fair price for your valuables.

Don't worry, if there are no buyers available in your local area, you'll see how you can sell to us, the Gold Buyers Investment Group.

For The Dealer

If you are a dealer you have several options to choose from when selling your scrap gold.

The first is through a middleman, a buyer in bulk. They generally pay very close to spot value because they work on a small profit margin. They can do this because of the volume they handle.

Most of your larger bullion dealers fall into this category. Most will either pay you outright for your gold or allow you to trade for bullion.

Another option for the dealer is to sell scrap gold to a refinery. There are a number of refineries located throughout the world.

Some are more user friendly than others, meaning they are more legit.

If you choose this route be sure to get some references before transacting business with them.

If you are a dealer, with a large amount of scrap gold to sell, you can sell right here on Gold Beginners advertising platform.

Even though it is not bullion, many investors will buy scrap and trade it to a dealer or refinery for bullion products.

Investors, who are looking for all forms of gold, view our gold for sale ads regularly.

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