Sell Gold You Currently Own
Investors Are Waiting To Buy!

If you are looking to sell gold you currently own, Gold Beginners can help you!

We offer you, the seller, several different platforms for selling. They are targeted venues, based on the type of gold that you are offering.

Whether it's bullion bars, coins, scrap or unwanted jewelry items we provide a way to connect both you and the buyer.

For the Seller of Jewelry

If you have gold jewelry you no longer want or need you have come to the right place for getting the most money.

We connect you, the seller, with investors in gold. They always pay a fair price. In fact, there is probably no other type of buyer on earth that will pay more!

Go here to learn more about the various options for selling gold jewelry.

For the Seller of Bullion Bars & Coins

For the seller of bullion, we offer an advertising platform to list your bars or coins for sale. It's in the form of a classified and best of all it's free.

You can also sell other precious metals like silver and platinum.

Simply go to the Sell Gold Bullion page and tell the world what you have to sell.

They can contact you be email or phone, whichever you prefer.

The quick sale option would be to sell to a dealer. You can expect to receive anywhere from spot on up to 2% over spot.

We have found Golden Eagle Coins to be an excellent source for selling bullion. They pay a fair price and the fact that they have been in business since 1974 is proof of their good reputation.

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