How To Sell Gold

Wondering how to sell gold?

No matter what type of gold you are looking to sell, there's only one group of people to sell to. That is Investors.

Why investors?

Because, of all the types of buyers, they pay the highest price. The reason is that they are buying for investment purposes, not resale profits. They have no operating expenses like other buyers.

The first step is to find an investor in your geographical area. You can accomplish this by visiting our Local buyer listings.

If you have already been to those listings, and discovered there are no buyers in your local area, here is your next step...

You have the option of sending your gold jewelry, or scrap items, to us, the "Gold Beginners Investment Group." We are actually investors in all types of precious metals and pay more than any other buyer on the planet.

What We Buy

We buy anything that is composed of gold, silver or platinum. The condition makes no difference, it can be broken, kinked, twisted or even mutilated!

Some examples are: Gold Jewelry, class rings, watches, 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, and 24k.

Sterling Silver: jewelry, flatware and antiques.

Silver coins.

Platinum Jewelry.


Just print and complete the Mail In Inventory Record. (File is in pdf format)

Go Here to read the terms and conditions and access the Mail-in Inventory Record.

Then place your item(s), and the completed Mail In Inventory Record, in a secure package.

Ship your package via Registered US Mail, we strongly recommend you insure your package.

The same day we receive your package an appraiser will thoroughly inspect your item(s) and inform you of our exact offer via email and telephone.

Upon acceptance of our offer, payment will be rendered in US funds plus we will reimburse your appropriate shipping charges.

If for any reason you choose not to accept our offer of purchase, we will return your item(s) using a safe and insured method at our expense.

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