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Finding gold jewelry buyers, especially those who pay a fair price, is like looking for a needle in a haystack!

There is good reason why they can't pay a fair price.

Buyers such as pawn shops, coin dealers, cash for gold businesses and even refineries have massive overhead.

Expenses like advertising, rent, utility bills and payroll demand that they turn a decent profit just to stay in business.

If they pay too much for the items they buy, it leaves no room for profit.

So, how does one get a fair price when they sell?

No need to worry, there is a solution!

Cash Gold

Sell Gold Jewelry To Investors

There is one group of buyers who pay a far better price, investors in gold.

Unlike other types of buyers, they have no expenses because they operate out of their residence or office.

Thus, they are not buying for profit, they are buying for long term investment. Gold Investors generally hold on to the metal as a means of financial security or as a hedge against the decline of other investments.

The best advice is to locate an investor in your area. One that buys gold in any form, including used jewelry.

That particular task has previously been a hard one to accomplish, until now.

Gold Beginners has solved this problem by providing the seller of gold a way to locate investors, right in their local area.

The first step is to view our list of buyers by geographical area.

There you will find contact information for buyers who are strategically located throughout the world.

If your area is not represented, no problem, there are other options available to connect you with a buyer.

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