Finding Gold Buyers
Who Pay A Fair Price

Gold Buyers are everywhere, especially in today's financial climate. We are being bombarded with offers to buy on television, radio and print media.

The problem is, finding the ones who will pay a fair price. As you read on, you will learn how to receive that fair price you've been looking for.

Jewelry Buyers

If you are selling gold jewelry it may be a good idea to entertain several offers.

You could try any of the following four...

1. Jewelry stores will occasionally pay decent for unwanted jewelry items, depending on the type and condition of those items. But be careful, most jewelry store clerks are sales persons and they would rather talk you into trading your items in for new and more expensive jewelry.

2. Other places that buy unwanted jewelry are pawn or coin shops.

They buy at a lower price to be able to cover their operating expenses and profit margins. This allows them to only pay about 50% to 60% of the actual gold content value, which is well below spot gold price.

The good side of selling at these locations is that it's a quick way to get cash. Also, most pawn shops will give you the opportunity to buy your items back at a future date.


Cash for gold buyers that you hear advertising all over the media are another option for selling used jewelry. They are known to pay very low prices though.

If you do decide to mail your items to this type of buyer, be sure it's one that will contact you with a quote by email or telephone. Be careful of the ones that just up and mail you a check without giving you the opportunity to approve the sale.

4. The best way to sell any type of gold, that will net you the highest price, is to to precious metals investors. Those who are buying for the purpose of investing normally pay a fair price.

The fact that they buy for entirely different reasons, than other types of buyers do, is why they can pay more.

Their purpose of owning gold is to preserve wealth, they are not looking to generate an immediate profit.

Finding investors to buy your gold is easier than you think!

Gold Beginners provides a list of buyers by geographical area. It's called the Local Buyer Listings.

There is where you can find contact information for buyers in your local area and see them about selling your unwanted gold items.

Most of them will buy any type of precious metal product including bullion, jewelry, scrap and dental gold.

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