Gold Bullion Prices

Gold Bullion Prices are higher than the actual spot price because they have an added premium of anywhere from 2% to 5%, depending on the type.

The premium is added to offset the costs associated with the production and distribution of the product.

These costs include, governmental costs of mining and refining along with expenses the dealer incurs for sales and promotion.

When buying bullion coins you can expect to pay an additional amount of approximately 5%. Some dealers charge less, some more, based on their selling costs.

Gold bars generally bring a lower premium than that of coins. If you are thinking about buying for profit, bars are a good product to buy.

Finding Bullion below spot price is pretty much impossible. But, there are ways to buy it at or near spot.

One way is to shop around at the auction sites like ebay. Another is to periodically view our "Gold For Sale listings" right here at Gold Beginners.

There are a few smaller dealers who sell bullion at a lower premium than the what bigger dealers do.

One of them is Golden Eagle Coins in Laurel, Maryland.

In business for nearly 40 years, they offer some of the lowest premiums in the industry.

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