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Publisher of Gold Beginners (goldbeginners.com)

Hello, my name is Jeff Sneeringer and I am the author & publisher of goldbeginners.com. I'd like to personally welcome you to Gold Beginners!

Why I Published Gold Beginners...

Throughout my 30+ years of buying and selling gold I was always having to address some of the same questions and concerns.

Those who knew nothing about gold, the beginners, wondered how they could invest in it or profit from it.

Seasoned buyers and investors would ask where they could buy it at the lowest price.

Sellers, who brought their items to me to sell, were always concerned about getting the highest price possible for their gold valuables.

I quickly figured out that by paying a fair price when I bought, I could not only close more deals, I could also have the customer feeling satisfied with the amount of money they received for their items.

Then, by building a network of buyers, who were looking for gold to invest in, I could fulfill their goal of buying low by eliminating the premiums that are added when buying bullion.

I also created a way to assist those who wanted to buy and sell gold for profit by educating them on the methods of buying, and connecting them with investors they could sell to.

Of course, right from the start the beginner was educated on the best ways to buy gold for investment, and for profit, because that was my area of expertise.

I'm convinced that whatever level, beginner or seasoned, you will find this site helpful in achieving any goal you have set out to accomplish in your gold ventures.


Jeff Sneeringer - Author & Publisher

This site offers information about buying and selling physical gold. It also serves as platform for connecting both buyers and sellers of all forms of gold, including bullion, coins, scrap and jewelry.

A unique characteristic of this website is that everyone who visits can contribute by adding information that they consider to be helpful to others. Each page offers a place to ask questions, make comments or add information pertaining to the topic of that particular page.

The following are some of the ways YOU can benefit from this site:

New to Gold Investing

Our informational pages cover the basics of why and how to buy investment gold. We also give you information on where to buy it, and actual ways to buy it through our site.

Buying Gold

We give you several reputable sources for buying gold, off of our site, plus several on-site platforms such as classifieds and local gold buyers registration where sellers in your geographical area will be connected with you.

Selling Gold

There are several venues offered on our site that give the seller of gold the opportunity to get the highest possible price for their valuables. Any form of gold can be offered for sale, including bullion, coins, scrap or jewelry. Each different type has their own separate venue for selling.

Our mission...

Our goals here at Gold Beginners are two-fold.

The first is to educate more people about gold.

Even if you know nothing about buying, selling or investing in gold, if you review this site in its entirety, you will have a complete understanding of the trade.

The second is to connect the seller and the buyer of gold.

The sellers goal is to receive the highest price possible for their gold valuables. The buyers goal is to be able to get their investment gold as low as possible.

This site can help both of them achieve their goals.

And so it goes, a win-win situation for everyone involved!

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