Gold Bars

Gold Bar

If you're not investing in bullion coins, Gold Bars is your other option.

The most popular selling bars for investors are the Johnson Matthey - USA & Canada, Credit Suisse and Pamp Suisse - Switzerland.

Stamped on these bars you'll find the fineness which is .9999, company name, company logo, serial number and weight which ranges from 1 gram to 100 ounces.

The advantage of buying bars over bullion coins is the lower premium. Because of the lower premium, those who speculate in gold usually favor bars.

The international unit of bar weight is the gram. But because the London gold price is quoted in U.S. dollars, United States, UK and Australia bars are also denominated in Troy Ounces.

The 1 oz gold bar is the most popularly traded size throughout those countries.

There are other sizes as well, including a 1 gram bar. For the beginning investor, or one with limited capital, the 1 gram bar is an excellent way own gold at a lower investment.

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