How To Get More Cash For Jewelry
That Is In Good Condition

It is possible to get more cash for jewelry that is in good condition, than if it were in scrap condition.

We'll explain why it is possible, then how to locate buyers...

With the price of gold as high as it is today, Jewelry stores are forced to sell new jewelry for extremely high retail prices.

This has created a whole new opportunity for the entrepreneur. It's the business of refurbishing used gold jewelry and selling it back to retail customers

It's gaining much popularity because these sellers can offer their gold jewelry at a much lower price than than the conventional stores.

Most retail stores mark their jewelry up at a rate of 300% over wholesale.

When someone buys a used piece of jewelry and refurbishes it, they often have less than wholesale invested.

If they operate in a way that creates low overhead, such as an online store, flea market or a low-rent store front, they can often sell for less than wholesale.

The result, they are selling the refurbished item for less than the conventional jewelry store actually pays for theirs from the wholesaler.

This type of business owner is constantly in search of used jewelry that they can refurbish and sell. They need inventory!

How To Find Used Jewelry Buyers

The ability to find them is rather difficult because they usually don't promote that they are buying for that specific reason.

There is a way to identify them. Start by using the same methods that anyone else who is selling gold jewelry would use.

When someone contacts you simply ask them what their reason for buying happens to be. Initially, they may not tell you that they are buying to refurbish and resell.

If not, just advise them that what you are selling is in good condition and could be resold, stand firm on the price you want, and it will eventually come out.

Just like the purchaser of any product for resale, they are trying to buy as low as possible. The lower the investment in their inventory, the higher their profit potential. It's just shrewd business!

If you've exhausted this method of selling and haven't been successful, you may want to consider selling to an investor in gold. You can do this by getting information on

how to sell gold in your local area.

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