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Cash for gold buyers are everywhere these days. You can rarely go through a day without hearing a TV or radio commercial where someone is screaming the phrase, "Cash For Gold."

If you are a seller of scrap gold, used jewelry, bullion, or estates, consider the following before sending your gold off to one of those buyers.

The huge volume of advertising they are doing costs a whole lot of money. Who do you think is paying for it?

You, the seller!

It's been reported that the cash4gold company only pays a measly 17% of value when they buy.

Your local pawn shop or coin dealer would give you a much higher price for your items than that.

Here's some advice...

The best way sell gold for cash is to someone who is looking to buy it as an investment, not melt!

An investor will pay the highest price of any other buyer, usually 70% or more of value.

You might ask, why not 100%?

Here's why...

Mixed in with the pure gold, that your jewelry contains, is other metals used to harden it. Also present are solder, used to hold the various parts together, and dirt that you have collected over the years.

When the gold is assayed(extracted) there is usually 10% to 30% of waste, because of all these foreign materials.

If you are offered 70% of spot for your gold, that is good, any amount above 70% would be great!

One of the few places to find buyers who are investors is right here at Gold Beginners!

We offer a list of local buyers that are categorized by geographical area.

Go here to find a buyer in your area.

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