Buy Gold Locally

There is one source for buying at or below spot price, and that is to buy gold locally from private, individual sellers.

It is the only way to buy below spot value!

It doesn't matter what form it's in, bars, coins, scrap, jewelry or dental, if it contains gold it's worth buying.

Every day there are millions of individuals looking for someone to buy those types of items. Many are "right in your back yard!"

The problem they run into is most buyers want to rip them off by offering only pennies on the dollar. You can offer a fair price and still buy below spot.

Go here to learn HOW to buy from private sellers.

Here's a scenario you can ponder for awhile...

Let's say you are looking to buy at 30% below spot price.


There was someone looking to sell who would be ecstatic to be able to get 70% of spot.

Wouldn't this be a perfect match, a win-win situation.

If every business deal in the world today would give that same result we would be living in a perfect world!

Sellers are looking for you, right in your own back yard!

One of our goals here at Gold Beginners is to connect buyers and sellers of gold or any other precious metal.

We have developed a way to accomplish our goal of connecting the buyer with the private seller, and it's called Local Gold Buyer Listings.

Every day we have numerous sellers visiting this site in their quest to locate a buyer in their particular area. It's very likely we've had some from your area!

The local gold buyers listings give the seller the ability to contact a buyer that is listed in their local area.

If you are an investor in precious metals, or even if you are in the business of buying gold for profit, it would be very beneficial to add yourself as a buyer in your geographical area.

Simply contact us to request information.

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