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One of the best ways to buy gold is to buy scrap gold.

Years ago, this method of buying was mostly performed by pawn shops and coin dealers.

When the price of gold reached $850/oz in 1980, many of those types of businesses made a fortune from the stampede of people selling their used gold items like rare coins and jewelry.

As the news spread about the profits being made it identified a whole new type of business opportunity for entrepreneurs. Jewelry and coin shops began to open in nearly every city and town across America.

Today, with the price of gold rising to new levels, many people including investors and profit seekers are taking advantage of this method of buying.

There seems to be an ample numbers of sellers because last year alone there was over 1200 metric tonnes of scrap sold to refineries. That's a lot of gold!

With the digital age upon us the Internet is rapidly becoming the new way to attract sellers. It gives people the ease of sending their valuables off and receiving a check in the mail.

But, don't dismiss the old fashion ways of buying used gold. Placing a classified ad in the newspaper and meeting with the seller face to face is still a great way to acquire it.

If you are serious about wanting to buy from private sellers, you may want to register as a buyer in your local area right here at Gold Beginners.

We offer a platform called "local buyer listings", where sellers of gold can find a buyer in their geographical area.

Every day there are private individuals right in your local area who are interested in selling gold items such as bullion, jewelry, dental and scrap gold.

Someone is going to buy it, why not you?

Buying used or scrap precious metals is a trade that can be learned by nearly anyone.

It's a simple process of learning how to buy, knowing how to promote yourself, and knowing where to sell so you the get highest price.

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