How To Buy Gold

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Learning how to buy gold is easy. But first, there are some things to consider...

Before determining what method is best for your buying aspirations, you have to decide how much gold you want to buy.

What dollar amount do you have available to invest?

Are you looking to invest 1 million dollars or $100? Will you be spreading it over time or making one major purchase?

After you've made this decision you'll want to convert that dollar amount into the number of ounces you can acquire, based on the value of gold at that particular time.

Gold Investing For Beginners

For the beginner, or for someone who does not have a huge supply of investment capital available, you may be thinking in grams as opposed to ounces.

There are two ways to invest small amounts of money in gold, they are bullion and private sellers.

Low Cost Bullion

There are several ways to buy bullion in small amounts.

The lowest price bullion product is the 1 Gram Gold Bar.

If you are interested in gold bullion coins the least expensive are the 1/20 ounce sizes.

The most popular seller in that size is the Canaian Maple Leaf Gold Coin.

This coin can be purchased at nearly every coin dealer throughout the United States and abroad.

Private Sellers

Buying from private sellers is the best way to buy gold.

These are individuals, who are selling gold items such as bullion, used jewelry or scrap gold.

If you are buying small amounts, over the long term, this is the ideal way to buy.

Buying Larger Amounts

If you are buying large amounts, and have ample money to invest, the most common method of buying is gold bullion.

American Eagle Gold Coin The most popular is Gold Bullion Coins, like the American Eagle Gold Coin pictured to the left.

The reason for their popularity is the ease of buying and selling them. They are available for purchase, and can be sold, at any bullion dealer or coin shop, online and offline.

Whether it's coins or bars, for the high volume investor, bullion is the way to buy.

For all your bullion needs visit Golden Eagle Coins online. They have been in business since 1974 and are a very reputable company for servicing all your bullion needs.

Where To Buy

By now you should have decided how much you want to invest. Based on that information you've determined what type of gold you will purchase.

You final mission is to learn where to buy the gold.

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You may find what you're looking for!

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Other Resources

Regardless of your buying method, you can always buy gold through a bullion storage company such as Bullion Vault.

After you register they immediately start you off with a FREE gram of investment gold.

With a possible worldwide financial crisis looming, this method of investing is more secure than storing your bullion in bank vaults.

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