Buy And Sell Gold for Profit

The amount of profit that can be made by operating a business where you buy and sell gold is phenomenal.

It all started back in 1980 when the price of gold shot up to over $800/oz. Until that period there were few buyers of used or scrap gold.

But with the demand for more locations where individuals could sell their precious metal items, a whole new type of business category was born. During that time jewelry and coin shops sprung up in nearly every town.

The volume of business was so great that many of those who operated buying stores became millionaires almost overnight.

Today you can find gold buyers everywhere. Everyone from coin shops to jewelry stores owners are now buying virtually anything that contains precious metals.

The biggest problem for sellers is finding a buyer that will pay a fair price.

The Profits Are There When You Buy And Sell Gold

Logic tells you that there is big money in the business of buying and selling gold, here's why...

I'm sure you've heard the ads on the radio or TV about the Cash4Gold company. You can barely get through a day without hearing someone scream the phrase "Cash For Gold."

These folks have more coverage than Geico!

Just think for a minute what it costs to advertise on those two venues. They must be spending millions on advertising alone, not to mention all the other operating expenses they incur.

Get my point?

If they spend this much on ads they are most likely making a fortune buying and selling used or scrap gold.

Why Buying and Selling Gold is So Good

The fact that gold has an absolute, or guaranteed, value is what makes it a very lucrative business.

When you sell, there is no waiting for someone to buy. You can actually sell it instantly, on demand, for the current spot price.

So, when you buy, you already know exactly what you'll receive when you sell.

Other than gold, it’s hard to find a product that can be sold in this manner, especially at or near 100% of value.

An old timer in the business was once quoted as saying, "It's like trading $50 bills for hundreds."

Beat The Competition

As stated earlier, the biggest problem for the seller is finding a buyer who will pay a fair price. That is because most buyers today are paying only 10% to 60% of spot price.

Anyone who is willing to pay 70% and up will close a very high percentage of the offers they make, and at 70% there is still good profit to be had.

What other product can you buy and instantly make a profit of 30%?

Learning The Trade

Go here to learn how to buy from private sellers!

Once you learn how to buy and sell gold, you can register as a buyer in your local area, right here on our local buyer listings platform, and have sellers contact you!

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