Best Place To Buy Gold

Best Place To Buy Gold Bullion

The bast place to buy gold bullion coins or bars is anywhere you can buy at spot price, or slightly over.

Auction sites are one place to look for these opportunities. It's rare to find gold bullion auctions that end right around spot price, but it has happened.

Also, it's very time consuming and the big problem with most auction sites is the high buyer/seller fee's.

There are some bullion dealers that sell at low premiums. They are usually the local coin shop type. Simply do a Google Search "coin dealers near me."

You can also check the gold for sale listings right here at Gold Beginners. Our ad platform offers sellers a place to advertise their investment gold free of charge.

Buying Gold From Private Sellers

If you are really serious about buying gold below spot price you need to buy from private sellers, in the form of scrap gold, then trade the scrap in for bullion. Many sellers of bullion will take scrap gold for payment.

There are a lot of opportunities available to buy from individuals who are selling personal gold valuables like jewelry.

Sellers often list gold for sale on classified advertising platforms, online and off. The most popular online site is Craigslist.

Rare coins, bullion and used jewelry are all offered for sale on that venue. If you find something of interest you can contact the seller and haggle on the price.

The best items to look for in the jewelry listings are men's rings, especially wedding bands, and large chains. They usually have good weight, which gives you the opportunity to buy well below spot price.

Stay away from anything that includes diamonds or other high grade stones. The value of the stone will add to the price they are asking.

Some other high traffic classified sites are Oodle, Ebay classifieds and Facebook Marketplace.

Leverage Buying

The greatest buying opportunities are from private sellers that come to you. Because they are contacting you, it gives you all the leverage.

A great way accomplish this is to simply get the word out by printing business cards, stating that you are an investor buying gold, and hand them out to everyone you come in contact with.

You can also place a classified ad in the "Items Wanted" or "wanted To Buy" classification of your local paper.

If you offer sellers a fair price, you will receive an ample amount of gold at prices well below spot.

You can find individuals who looking to sell gold right in your geographical area through our local buyer listings right here at Gold Beginners.

Go here for more information on getting listed as a buyer.

For a comprehensive guide on buying from private sellers grab a copy of my popular report, "How To Buy Gold Low."

Always remember, any place you can buy below value would be the best place to buy gold.

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