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Is It Gold That's On Your Mind? Let's talk!

I'm curious as to exactly why you are thinking about gold. Is it buying, selling, investing, or are you just wondering "why all the fuss" about something that seems to have no logical use in your life.

Whatever it is, this site will give you insight, information and the actions that are needed to satisfy those thoughts.

One way or another, gold is on everyone's mind these days. Individuals needing some quick cash are selling unwanted jewelry like never before.

Investors, who are fearful that the economy will collapse, are rapidly adding it to their portfolio as a hedge.

The wealthy are concerned that their dollars will be devalued and become worthless. They are trading them for the shiny metal.

Bankers won't admit it, but they are wondering if they will soon be handling gold money instead of green money.

China, who has always paid our governments debts by investing in U.S. treasuries, is cutting us off like a bartender at 2 AM. They are transferring much of their reserve currency from the U.S. Dollar to gold.

Yes, the talk at the water cooler is no longer about who slept with who, it's about gold!

So, let's talk about it!

Sound boring? It won't be when you figure out that this is not your average website, its a whole lot more...

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Right here at Gold Beginners is where it all begins, learning the why, how and where, of selling, buying and investing in the most precious of metals on earth.

But, we don't just inform, we put action behind our words by providing several avenues for the seller to sell, the buyer to buy, and the investor to invest!

Plus... (I know, just when you thought it couldn't get any better)

What really makes this site unique is...

We, as in the folks who are constructing this diversified publication, are not the only ones contributing to it.

Anyone who visits this site can put their two c̶e̶n̶t̶s̶ grams in too!

Nearly every page has a place where you, the visitor, can ask questions, make comments(be careful now) and even add relevant information about the topic of that particular page.

Yes, you can help build this website! (Then go brag to your in-laws about it!)

If you...

Have a question, ask it!

Want to comment, say it!

Know something that others don't, share it!

So, without further ado, let's get to work!